Our 8 week journey “Living in Your Power” is a supported journey to your NEXT chapter. It’s not the end goal or bringing you to a final destination, it equips you to take on life feeling stronger, more resilient, happier and with contentment while loving yourself at a deeper level that before. You connected with The Freedom Method because liberating yourself from whatever it is that’s holding you back, or slowing your progression, is an itch you can no longer ignore. We all have that quiet voice that strives to keep us on track with our pursuits or goals We can choose to ignore it, depending on unhealthy habits and tendencies, but the small willing voice never goes away. Everyone feels the push to change, let this be yours.

During the 8 weeks you will have the opportunity to explore where you find yourself at this present moment, where, if you could design it, you are heading and how you will begin moving forward in those goals.  Whether they are related to your physical fitness and health, or your emotional and mental wellness.
We believe that to fully experience lasting change, there needs to be major shifts in 3 key areas. 


If one of the 3 is out of alignment, the others will be effected. We are yet to witness someone that can achieve at a high level, have true sustainable success in one of these areas, without the others being in some degree of balance. The key is understanding the relationship between each of these and how best to adapt them into our daily lives. 

During these 8 weeks I create a plan for you that works best for your life. I help you create goals and strategies to eliminate anxieties and limitations that have been preventing your progression. I help get you into a routine with your MOVEMENT (Fitness) explore your NUTRITION, understanding better where you are with your MINDSET and how you feel about your life, yourself and the world around you. Creating new healthier approaches to your life and everything that’s important to you.

The 8 weeks include WEEKLY 1 to 1 Fitness Sessions, x 3 Mindset Sessions (Week 1,5 & 8) Weekly accountability including personal development exercises, with opportunity to explore all facets of mindset to better support your positive change. PLUS 20 Home Workout Videos online, coached by ME, enabling you to fit your training in at home and around your schedule.

If this resonates with you, please connect with Hollie at info@freedomretreats.org

I stumbled across the freedom method in September 2018 while scrolling through Instagram . I had spent yet another school summer holiday seeing to family and found myself depleted and exhausted by the end of September. Wanting to find a new direction and a manageable way of improving my fitness and overall health I started thinking would an exercise programme be the answer? I also had various 50th Birthdays looming including my own . I saw Hollies post and thought I would apply . I was surprised when she got back to me . Enthusiastic and encouraging she made me think I could really get something out of this 8 week programme . It’s now the beginning of February and I can truly say she has turned my life around I now exercise most days which has made a huge difference to how I deal with the daily grind . It’s not just the fitness though as Hollie enables you to really stop and think about what you want out of life . It has improved every aspect of family life and I am looking so much better . Everyone around me has noticed my change in attitude and fitness and wants to know what I’ve been doing . I just tell them it’s The freedom Method... go and check out Hollie you won’t regret it