HEY YOU! Welcome to The Freedom Method! If you’re like me and Movement and Wellness are important to you, then let’s connect! Everything in life is best tackled with the support of like minded people and a great community.

I have made it my life's mission to support women on their journey to improved overall WELLNESS. With a combined passion in fitness and a love for alternative and holistic approaches to physical and emotional health. Utilising my experience in both fitness and mindset coaching, The Freedom Method believes variety is key to lasting positive change in our health and wellness journeys.

After a time of study and work in Health Promotion, I naturally progressed into the fitness industry over 9 years ago. As a qualified Personal Trainer and Mindset Coach, I believe I have developed a meaningful and successful approach to fuse these elements into one. Through The Freedom Method Wellness Programmes, Fitness and Wellness Retreats, 1 to 1 Coaching and Ladies Group Training sessions.

If this approach speaks to you and you have any further questions to explore deeper, or would like to collaborate, Please get in touch.

Hollie - info@freedomretreats.org
Call - 07817792128