Could it be possible that to be a creative, creator of circumstance or surroundings, is NOT, I repeat NOT a gift for some and not for all. I think humans dictate to other humans whether they’re creative or not. Truly, my observation is that we are all creatives of our own environment. In so many forms, we know what makes our heart happy, we are drawn to what makes us feel unique and with identity. So we create that and play with variations and explore ideas

As children, adults tell us whether we’re creative or not. ‘ You’re such a good drawer Paddy’ ‘ You’ve such nibble fingers Sally’ and then for many, these words of affirmation are never said. These people are creating games and playing make believe, but those explorations are less celebrated and identified..

What if we all owned our own creativity, what if we had the confidence to play and explore ideas. Would you unearth that soulful creative flare that was there from the start! Would you stop comparing yourself to others and absorb the amazing outlet that creating can provide. Don’t stay away from opportunities to be artistic. Delve in with a whole heart and see what you create. Mindful participation in things that just make you feel happy and centred. That’s freedom to me.