Here at Freedom Retreats high quality nutritious food is one of the most important elements of all our events . All menus are vegetarian (easily adapted to Vegan) with most of the produce being organically sourced. Collaborating with local experienced Vegetarian and Vegan chefs, you are guaranteed to experience a high standard of dining.  

Our Wellness events are a playful blend of good company, good food and creative additions appropriate for the group we are entertaining. Whether that be a gentle and relaxing Flow session, a quiet opportunity for meditation,  or perhaps space to write,  journal and share thoughts with like minded creatives. Our breakfasts, brunches, lunches and suppers are lovingly designed to meet your needs and allow you to experience new flavours and colourful food combinations.

A wellness event is not complete without an amazing location. At Freedom we love to be creative with where we rest to share time together. We believe there is potential even where most could not envisage a space to kick back and relax. We our so excited to bring you some amazing venues for this year's pop up events.

  If you would like us to host an event for you, please get in touch.