For so many years as far back as I can remember I craved aloneness. I’ve always enjoyed people so much, but my introverted tendencies relied on stepping away, having only silence surrounding me and being liberated through my disconnection. For so many, being alone, quietening our thoughts and feeling sensation, is a terrifying place to dwell. There is this idea that removing the stimuli will unearth the darkness. My findings have been quite the opposite. Yes there is no doubt hurt and pain will be found in the crevices, but there is also a deep and compassionate love that is all yours. It started there and it remains, waiting to supply you with an infinite amount of acceptance and peace. When it’s found, unlocked and set free. You will feel the most immense liberation you have ever experienced. To think the greatest sense of love resides not beyond you but at the heart center. We all have our methods to unlocking freedom.