Method Seven {Momentum}

Do you ever look at what's happening around us and think, the world’s a mess? The hurt and pain and disappointment, it seeps and suffocates, brings progression to a standstill time and time again. Human hearts feeling useless, without purpose or safety. Stuck, never feeling the freedom of progression. Same hurts, same mess, over and over.  We all have our ways to seek out connection, to find those spaces in between, that give us certainty. A deep human need is knowing we are safe, without threat. For so many that is a dream and not a reality.

There’s HOPE in the Momentum; building pace, changing, seeking, pursuing, desiring wanting, needing, sourcing, chasing, claiming. Steps towards the certainty you deserve. Tonight my heart’s hurting for those I love and for those I’ve never even met, I’m not sure how to finish this method so il just leave it with, don’t give up, don’t stand still in the hurt, reach out to those opening their arms to you.