Method 1 {MOVEMENT}
From the age of five until adulthood, RUNNING (Athletics) was the biggest part of my life. My dedicated dad (Coach) believed in the power of movement. He believed in it’s healing powers. He knew that when life around us both became intense or disappointing, I always had the freedom to move. To step out of the pressures of growing up for that space in time, when all I needed to focus on was my body, my breathe and my own thoughts. I never realised it at the time, throughout all of my teenage years, MOVEMENT was my safe release. My step towards freedom.

One reason why we use Freedom Running as a method, is that for us being outside is our therapy. Life can be incredibly difficult and confusing and finding reason behind any of the struggles is at times almost impossible.
Humans thrive on certainty, trusting the foundations beneath us and knowing what we can ultimately always rely on. Being outdoors and soaking up the spaces as we move, provides immediate connection with that which feels certain.

There's an energy that can be absorbed as we run through the trees, as the grass takes the weight within our bodies and minimalises the harshness of our strides. It's comforting and it's thought clearing, the certainty in this therapy anchors us..
Walking or sitting in the space of nature can have the same restorative effect, we all have our own methods..