Where does the shame lie?


Whitepark Bay Strand, North Coast, Ireland

Where does the shame lie? Is it in the dark corners, the quiet unsaid thoughts. The feelings of inadequacy, separation, unfulfillment and loneliness ? The lines of a smile mask the suffocating inability to breath deeply. Freedom is what we long for but it’s outline remains just outside of our reach. So much happiness available, yet this layer keeps us from absorbing it's richness. Shame is disguised with resentment and blame. We project, make excuses, disconnect from the very truth of it.

It took it’s root from as early as our young hearts began to feel and it rests as a place with no hope. But yet, we give it such energy. It thrives off our fear and it towers dominant over our journeys. Created from ideas, emotions, confused concepts and interpretations. In a moment, we can change the flow of what we have been allowing to guide us. We can say, “ No more, I’m done, I choose me.” “I love you, we are enough, I’ll let go”

In that intention, you are beginning the dissolving of that powerful force of shame. But like any new practice of self, you must show repetitive self care. Quietening down the intrusive thoughts through mindfulness and meditation. Choosing to connect with your physical body when the mind tells you you’re not capable. Reaching out and connecting when whispers tell you you’re not worthy. Practice, connect, move, breath and soak up the happiness that is always available to you. Quieten that lifetime of shame.