Running towards your freedom?

Murlough Bay, Newcastle, Co.Down

Murlough Bay, Newcastle, Co.Down

Are you running away from something or towards something? It’s interesting to contemplate where you place yourself right now! Look at what surrounds you. Are there relationships that you struggle to find peace and certainty within, circumstances that you keep burying deep under surface. Old hurts that trigger so easily and repeatedly take you back to a state of trauma.

Has life been about keeping a safe distance from these things that haven’t ever went away. Running and always keeping pace, the thought of meeting these demons keeps you from enjoying mindful contentment.

OR You see the opportunity, excited by potential. You’re moving forward because you choose to put your happiness first. The ego will attempt to hold you back and pull you down.
Running forward, a brave heart full of the unknown. Closing chapters on what used to delay your progress, showing forgiveness to yourself and others, stripping away judgement and understanding the vulnerability of all. Will. Set. You. Free