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Whitepark Bay Yoga and Fitness Retreat

We are so happy to announce our first FREEDOM RETREAT Saturday 13th MAY! Whitepark Bay is a venue close to our hearts and we are really excited to get back up there to provide you with a special and unique retreat experience!

VENUE- Whitepark Bay Youth Hostel

ACTIVITIES - 2 Yoga sessions. The amazing Hostel overlooks the breathtaking coastline. With our experienced Yoga instructors you will have the opportunity to unwind and relax through gentle restorative yoga while gazing over a stunning horizon.(All abilities welcome)

- 2 Beach Fitness sessions to give you the burst of energy you have been looking for with the run up to Summer. Guided and supported by Hollie,  we are excited for you to experience our beach cross training sessions and have lots of fun with the retreat community. (All fitness Levels)

(ALL ACTIVITIES ARE OPTIONAL) Perhaps you really need some space to relax and would like to only do some of the activities, this is YOUR time to unwind so we are happy for you to do what makes YOU happy!  

There will be time to relax, read, journal, go for a walk or hang out with the other residents.

Tasty and nutritious food is what we LOVE at Freedom Retreats, a thoughtfully designed vegetarian menu has been designed to support the activities you will be doing throughout the weekend. (ALL MEALS AND SNACKS/DRINKS PROVIDED)

HOSTEL - With the most amazing views Whitepark Bay Hostel is clean, comfortable and wonderfully managed by the dream team Angela and Stephanie. As this is an affordable lower budget retreat, with lots of luxuries added in (to allow more accessibility for many of you) it is important to note that accommodation is shared dormitory layout with some 2 bed bedrooms available on request and for just a little extra cost. Email us at to check availability of 2 beds. The dorms will be allocated Ladies and Men Only rooms. 

Once you have purchased your place, we will send you an email with everything you'll need to know to help assist you in your preparations.

**We encourage clients if possible to bring a sleeping bag or small duvet to help make sleeping more comfortable, as the mattresses are not of the highest quality**

Really hope you can make it for an amazing weekend, we can't wait to meet you!